viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

The Trip of Dreams

I would go to the gran sabana, because is a pretty place. These placew have much energy, beautiful flowers
And the best that place is here in Venezuela.
But for going to in August I need money, clothes for these ocation, spray for the insects, deportives shoes, purse of trip and want going to the hotel “The Gran Choza” that these is around of Roraina. For going to by the bolet and these bolet have a price of 850.000 Bs. For person and have take two (2) aeroplare of Maracaibo city from Puerto Ordaz city and of Puerto Ordaz city from Canaima go and baek and late I have a take (1) run car from the hotel .
I would visit the Shurumeru (Salto Angel), walk for the wild and living an aventure.
April 15 Th, 2007

Mr. judge who administers justice in a tow in of Zulia State
Jean Carlos Di Martino
State Department

Before every thing a cordial greeting

I address you throw this letter which has.
That municipium from a time is bean griven. On the main runways of the city a great quantity of troubles in those ways as strikes, greats cues, etc becoming this sick thing to and the minicipium.

Another important point is the big quantity of peed jots that nowadays have been placed. On the main roads of the country, those are necessary to present risks cars but they are uncomfortable to Maracaibo.

I as a citizen, borned on this minicipium I m reqaly worried and I would like that you as the main manager of this city will make another ideas to pacify the city. I hope a quick answer from you.

Nothing to say, I law you off with a formal greeting....

The house of my dreams

The house of my dreams

I have a house, and I would like my because it’s droom be big too, with variety of pillows very soft all of them, I would like to have inside this big bedroom a waterbed very confortable and relaxing.
I would like that house of my dreams has a lot of rooms for using them when, I invite my friends to my house and then they could sleep in my home.
I would like to have too a play room in my house, a Dane room and a sing studio to singing, a big swimming pool, a tennis court to play with agasis, a garden with much calas kind of flowers surrounding my home this way.
I want my family and with the most precious being in my life, my puppy bobby.

Comparison between my home and my friends house

Comparison between my home and my friend s house

I have a friend called Isabel, she lives in a house so pretty, and this house is near to lake.

Her house is very big, it has four rooms with one bathroom each room very comfortable, it also has a play room, where you can sing and listen to music.
I like these kitchen a lot, because it s big and it has a beautiful wooden table.
The Isabel s house has a comfortable big living room; it has a garden too with a lot of flowers and an excellent view of lake that let you enjoy beautiful sunsets.
But my house is not big than Isabel house.
My house has a little kitchen. A living room with a little space, a small living room, up stairs there are there rooms with toilet each one .I really appreciate may home Because, I lived twenty one years in a small apartment and the moving from my old apartment to my new house has been great! .

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

My name is Mardiony Arellano; I am nineteen (19) years old I am from Punto Fijo, but live in Maracaibo, I like to dace salsa, meringue, and
romantic my group favourite are A.5, Ricardo Arjona, Jerry Rivera and Alejandro Fernandez.
My family is big, I have one sister, my parents, grand parents, seven aunt and six uncle, I have thirty six cousins I love them so much and they love my too.
My mother is short, fat, intelligent, and very lovely, she is working in “E.B 23 de Enero”, she likes to dance salsa, meringue and romantic, her favourite singer is Juan Gabriel shi is sensational, she is forty five (45) years old, and she name is Nilcida de Arellano.
My father is the best in the word, he is tall, fat, and beautiful, he is forty four
(44) year old, he likes to dance and listening salsa, his Favourite group is the
“Estrellade la fania”,and his name is Pablo Arellano and my sister she name isDiormarysArellano she is twelve (12) years old, she is short, fat and very beautiful, she study in Punto Fijo, first year at school.

beautiful..... my favorite